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Post by ichijo on Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:49 pm

TITLE : Mou Kimi ga Inai (You weren't Here Anymore)
~ inspired by Funky Monkey Babys' song =) ~

Cast :
Koike Teppei
Eiji Wentz
Rest is unknown. wakakakakakakak =P

Chapter one : Dumped

I was at the front of my flat room when I noticed that there’s a letter below the door.
I pick it up and bring it inside.

From who is it?
I think I already paid all my bills.
From mom?
IF it’s true then why she didn’t write the name?

I flip it back and front.
No name, no address also.
Well, I guess I have to open it.

There is only some sentences with a handwriting I used to know…

"Sorry. I’ve been dating someone else.
Thanks for all, bye."

I stared at this letter. It’s hard to believe.
How could she…?

I take a deep breath.
I feel I wanna cry and scream outloud. But I just can’t.

I walk to the sink and wash my face.
I try to smile to my reflection inside the mirror.

“Don’t sad, Teppei! You should happy when people you loved happy!!” I said to myself.
“Don’t cry. Don’t you know love doesn’t have to own?”
But the more I encourage myself, the more this tears going to drop. I try with all my power to hold this tears back.
I am a man.
I won’t crying.

Suddenly my handphone ring.
From it’s tone, It would be Eiji who calling.

I pick it up. “Moshi moshi?”
“Ne, Te-chan, where the hell are you?!” Eiji’s voice seems to be worried.
“Me? At my apartment of course. Why’d you ask like that?”
“Duh! You must be forgetting about our meeting, rite!?”
“Aaaa…” I scream and look at the clock hung on the wall, “I forgot about that! Gomen na, Ei-kun…”
“Don’t just say sorry! Go to the office right now! Our manager is waiting… You said you want to change clothes for a while only!”
“Yes I am. But…” I’m not finishing my sentences. Should I tell Eiji that I got dumped? Again? >_<
“But what?” Eiji asked.
“Erm, nothing. I’ll pack my clothes and I’ll go there at the speed of light okay?”
“Okay. Don’t be late or I tickle you till die! Hahaha…”
I laughed. Eiji always like that. He’s funny.

Thanks God, Eiji call me in this situation.
I feel like my burden gone, although there’s still a pain left. But it’s not much I think… =)

I packed my clothes in a small backpack.
The meeting must be take days, not hours. Since we’ll also talking about our new singles.

I look the mirror again.
“Na, Teppei, shigoto ni ganbarou!!! Fight!!” I yelled out loud.

I guess my true love is music.
Girl is just not my priority right now.
Girls are suck!!
Especially those kind of girl, who date other man when she’s dating me. Huh! >_<

Ok, after a minute self-encouraging I hurriedly get into the car.
Eiji must be so boring there, since he used to teased me when our manager kept talking about our schedule. I’ve got to be there quickly.

I drive as fast as the light, concentrate are half apart.
That’s why when a cat jump to the road, I was surprised.
Way more surprised when something besides the cat jumped to road...

to be continued... =)
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Post by Admin on Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:52 pm

Yg besides the cat jum to the road tuh.. nelly?? huehehe..
Trus ditolong teppei dan lgsng jatuh cinta pd pandangan pertama huahaha Very Happy


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